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Chongqing Assen Power Equipment Co., Ltd, in

Chongqing Assen Power Equipment Co., Ltd,
Offer High vacuum Used Hydraulic Oil Filtration Plant,Lubricating Oil Purifier machine. DESCRIPTION: Application: Hydraulic oil contaminated by water,gas,impurities etc. will effect lubrication system of machine and equipments,our TYA hydraulic oil filtration plant has perfect capability of removing impurities,mass and deep precision purification material from lubrication oil and improve properties of lubricating oil so as to greatly extend lifetime of machinery.TYA hydraulic oil purifier is also equipped with permanent magnet filter to filter ferruginous impurites. Advantage: •Extend the life of your oil and equipment by two or three times •Flush your system of contaminants •Remove impurities and/or particulates from the oil •Free your system of emulsified water •Remove unwanted gases from the oil •Rejuvenate varnished oil •Help our environment •Clean your entire system •Eliminate the need of a costly shutdown •Minimize danger to turbine, hydraulic and lube equipment •Save you money by avoiding costly shutdowns and new oil purchases

Chongqing Assen Power Equipment Co., Ltd,
Chongqing Chongqing

Contact : Jay Ai
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