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MCS, Inc in

MCS, Inc
MCS Inc. is the exclusive Mid-Atlantic manufacturer of palletized Filtrexx™ SiltSoxx™ the state- of-the-art product for stormwater management, erosion and pollution control. Our service area encompasses the Mid Atlantic to include, PA, NJ, NY, DE, MD, VA and WV. We offer very cost effective and efficient BMP’s for removal of sediment, heavy metals, bacteria, hydrocarbons and nutrients. The pollutant removal additives we use in our compost filter socks help folks achieve and maintain compliance with their stormwater discharge permits. SiltSoxx™ is an organic and environmentally friendly product that is used in place of silt fence, straw bales, check dams and other BMP. SiltSoxx™ uses a proprietary fabric sock to hold a special formula of compost to better manage water in and around construction sites and other high erosion and non-natural water flow environments. There are new EPA regulations that will be taking effect in the next few years demanding cleaner discharges from disturbed earth sites and recycling/salvage centers. SiltSoxx™ filtering capability meets and exceeds these requirements and is a better solution than that of silt fence or straw bales. SiltSoxx™ can filter larger volumes of water in less time with much cleaner results than traditional management methods. The three dimensional nature of SiltSoxx™ provides greater contact to reduce undercutting, and improve filtering capabilities because there are many surfaces that trap sediment and pollutants.

MCS, Inc
Williamstown New Jersey

Contact : Rob Sedwin
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