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On-Site Antifreeze Recycling in

On-Site Antifreeze Recycling
On-Site Antifreeze Recycling
On-Site Antifreeze Recycling is now using a glycol distillation method to recycle and reclaim used antifreeze to new condition! Maintaining the leading edge in working with antifreeze has been our commitment for over 14-years. We just do antifreeze and it is our business. We help our customers be environmentally responsible (we all live downstream), save them money, time and offer a great service and product. We remove used antifreeze from your facility and transport it to our location. We use an ultramodern glycol distillation method to bring the best to the coolant market. Our inhibitors have been developed by a board chairman of the ASTM examining committee for antifreeze/coolant formulations. Gly-Cool Green is our conventional inorganic product. Gly-Cool Red, Orange and Gold are extended life HOAT technology. Our additives are the very best and are fully tested and approved by ASTM and the State of Florida. We have the best first class service with free pick up & delivery in most areas of south and central Florida. Gly-Cool is available by the Case/Gallons as well as by the Drum. For use in virtually any vehicle!

On-Site Antifreeze Recycling
N. Fort Myers Florida

Contact : Norman Bailey
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