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Blacoh Fluid Control in

Blacoh Fluid Control
Since 1976, Blacoh Fluid Control has been manufacturing fluid control products for the chemical and industrial process industries. Blacoh products improve pump and instrumentation performance throughout the entire process system Products include: SENTRY® Pulsation Dampeners and Surge Suppressors - Remove up to 99% of hydraulic shock and vibration enhancing all-around performance and reliability of flow in fluid applications Spill-STOP® Leak Containment - Patented system prevents hazardous and costly spills due to failed diaphragms in air operated diaphragm pump systems SENTINEL Diaphragm Seals - Protect pressure and control instruments from contamination and corrosive process fluids while allowing accurate and consistent readings

Blacoh Fluid Control
Riverside California

Contact : Jon Bowers
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