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Johnson & Marie Iroegbu Marketing in

Johnson & Marie Iroegbu Marketing
We facilitate the sales and purchase of Bonny Light Crude Oil (BLCO) & Petroleum Products. We can supply from 2,000,000 BBLS per month, offering a long or short term on TTT,FOB ,CIF AND TTO. The aim of Johnson & Marie Iroegbu Marketing is simple: Provide ONE MEETING PLACE where Buyers, Sellers, Providers, Entrepreneurs, Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists can meet with minimal intervention. Strive to make a direct connection between Clients. Understand the needs of our discriminating Clients by focusing our efforts to only quality introductions. Do our best to guide document flow so transactions occur in an efficient and timely manner. Johnson & Marie Iroegbu Marketing is dedicated to protecting privacy and takes significant steps to ensure both buyers and sellers. We strive to directly connect the buyer to the seller through our team of Promoters around the world.

Johnson & Marie Iroegbu Marketing
Reno Nevada

Contact : Marie Iroegbu
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